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Protective Barrier Spray Treatment – Premium

Our exclusive barrier spray treatment is designed to eliminate and repel undesired mosquitoes and ticks in your outdoor living area. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, our preferred and most popular method of treatment is applied every fourteen to twenty-one days and will protect you and your family from those annoying pests all season long.

Here in Central Kentucky, we typically start our barrier spray season in April and finish up right before Halloween. Our season is strategically based around mosquito and tick breeding season that can start as early as February. Ticks can stay active year round, but in most cases they come out of dormancy in the early spring. Mosquitoes need warmer temperatures, typically a consistent 55 degrees for breeding.


Our trained technicians will treat carefully with a mist so that it has full coverage and reaches all potential surface area of your foliage and brush. This light residual clings to your foliage, preventing mosquitoes and ticks from harboring to breed or rest in your yard.

We will start on your perimeter by treating all foliage and landscaping so that mosquitoes and ticks have a slim chance of even getting on your property. We then work inwards, treating your living area, controlling the population around your home even further with an additional barrier. These will typically be finished in under fifteen minutes since our trained technicians can calibrate the equipment to treat properly with their specific walking speed.

Since it is a light residual it needs no more than twenty minutes to dry completely. We will email you confirmation upon completion with the exact finish time so you can carry on with your outdoor activities in no time, along with any furry friends. We will return every three weeks to reapply the protective barrier spray treatment until the season ends in October.

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