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Here at Mosquito Squad our exclusive barrier treatment will combat not only against mosquitoes, but ticks at the same time. Most customers see a significant reduction in fleas, gnats, and flies as well since they tend to hide in similar areas.

Besides our traditional barrier treatment spray, it is a good idea to check your yard for any overgrown grassy areas or piles of wood/brush and remove them. If you have too much brush to remove, we strongly recommend Tick-Tubes for your property.


Tick-Tubes are specially designed to keep people and pets safe from the dangers of diseases that ticks carry. These tubes provide treated material for rodents and other mammals to build nests with. Ticks usually get diseases from other carriers like rodents. By treating their own nests, they treat themselves indirectly. Therefore, any tick that bites that rodent will remain disease free, leaving your property added protection against ticks and their dangers.


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