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If you want repellant for your entire yard at the press of a button, then look no further. Our automatic misting system releases a spray of mist for 20 to 30 seconds, knocking down and eliminating any mosquito and tick along with other annoying pests like gnats and flies. This occurs anywhere from 2 to 4 times a day depending on your property layout and outdoor activity.

We have highly trained senior technicians that will strategically design your automatic misting for the most potential effectiveness, focusing on your perimeter and outdoor living space where you and your family will enjoy the pest free experience. Whenever you all want to spend time outside, just simply use your remote to release a spray of mist for 20 seconds and then turn off the timer. This will allow the entire yard to be insect free for your family’s comfort and convenience to spend time together.

As your automatic system is controlling your current mosquitoes and ticks with the repellent, the misting spray is also laying a light residual for barrier control. This application will continue to protect your outdoor living space just like our barrier treatment programs, preventing pests from harboring to breed and rest when we’re not spraying.

Depending on the use of automatic misting system, our technicians will refill your product on site when necessary so that you never find yourself running on empty. We can install one of two product storage units. One being a 55 gallon drum that holds our product at your location and is integrated into the system so that it feeds directly into the line. The other is our concentrated product reservoir that will feed into a water line from your home that then mixes instantly as it floods the hose and sprays through the nozzles strategically installed throughout your property to eliminate pests.

This mosquito and tick control is superior to all of our services due to the frequency of our repellent treatment and instant elimination with the push of a button. We strongly advise this for families that frequently spend time together outside and need added protection or have non-treating neighbors. With out neighbors treating, even a strong wind can blow their mosquitoes into your yard.

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