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“What Does Mosquito Squad Do Exactly?”

Some of you may be asking yourselves this very question as you pass one of our trained technicians treating a neighbor’s yard. Or maybe you’ve even heard about our proven protection for your outdoors and are considering joining the Mosquito Squad Family this season.

This educational breakdown will help anyone and everyone looking to prevent mosquitoes and ticks by partnering with The Squad. Below we will answer some of our most frequently asked questions about our 100% satisfaction guarantee service.

“When is it safe to come back outside?”

Our barrier is applied strategically and dries in under thirty minutes so we ask for that period to be untouched ensuring the barrier remains where we applied. Once our technicians are finished, they will email a completion notice as well as hang a work-order on your door.

“How fast does it start working?”

Immediately! Our exclusive treatment used only by Mosquito Squad has a knock-down effect that helps provide instant relief. This partnered with our barrier effect provides immediate and extended release protection, keeping your outdoors comfortable.

“How long does the barrier protection last?”

Our exclusive barrier typically holds it’s effectiveness up to twenty-one days. As long as we have our thirty minute dry time, your treatment will not be affected by any amount of rain. With heavier infested areas, some customers decide to schedule treatments every two weeks as opposed to three.

“Why do we treat with a misting application?”

Mosquitoes need leafed plants, preferably in the shade to remain unharmed from predators, to rest and reproduce. Our main goal when strategically treating your property is to apply a light residual onto 100% of your foliage, defending it from harboring mosquitoes. If we can prevent them from breeding or feeding on your property, we can keep them from even getting near you.

“What training do Mosquito Squad technicians have?”

Our technicians at Mosquito Squad are certified by Kentucky’s very own Department of Agriculture. Not only do we pride ourselves in safe practices, we also have a carefully designed training curriculum so that our technicians are well educated.

“Where do we treat specifically?”

Our technicians will strategically be targeting any areas where mosquitoes may harbor to breed or feed. They will start on the perimeter with our exclusive barrier treatment and work their way inward. It is our goal to keep you protected from mosquitoes until your next visit.

“Is one treatment enough?”

We have treatments scheduled for our loyal seasonal customers from April to October every two to three weeks. Aside from our seasonal, we also have “Event Treatments” where we can protect a designated area from mosquitoes. One treatment provides a ton of mosquito control but the true Mosquito Squad difference comes from our partnership backed by a 100% satisfaction guaranteed with visits every three weeks.

“What time of the day will you come for treatment?”

Our technicians start their day at eight in the morning and will treat until four or five in the evenings if necessary. We will always announce our arrival by knocking at the front door and checking the grounds for roaming pets before beginning your treatment.

“How long does the mosquito control application take?”

Our exclusive mosquito and tick control itself doesn’t take long to apply thanks to our trained technicians and their powerful calibrated equipment. Typically about five minutes to treat a regular sized suburban home. Our barrier itself holds its effectiveness for up to three weeks.

“How do we pay for our service?”

Whenever is most convenient for you all. We don’t rush or have any late fees here at Mosquito Squad of Lexington. We accept all major credit/debit cards as well as checks/money-orders.

“What if I just mowed my lawn?”

Mowing won’t have any effect on our treatment due to us just targeting foliage where mosquitoes will harbor to breed and feed. Mosquitoes prefer to remain safe and being in the grass is out in the open, leaving them vulnerable and sunny.

“What if it rains right after you finish treating?”

Our exclusive barrier treatment just needs it’s thirty minute dry time and no amount of rain will hinder its effectiveness. If it rains within that dry time you will still have relief but we will certainly come back within the next two days to solidify the effectiveness. As always you are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee so we only want to put down a treatment that keeps you protected.

“Are there any contracts/commitments?”

No contracts here, just verbal agreement. We touch base regularly so if anything ever comes up you can just give us a call and we can update your scheduling.

If there are any questions you have that were not answered please reach out to us at the office, 859-403-0004

If you prefer that we call you, just fill out the How can we help? form on our home page and we will reach out to you the next business day.

Why Mosquito Squad Thinks Long-Term

Here at Mosquito Squad of Lexington we believe strongly in working locally while thinking globally. This is important when you consider how they go hand in hand. For there to be a change worldwide, we must first start with ourselves and our community.

Mosquitoes reproduce at such a rapid rate it is extremely hard to stay in front of them, let alone stay on top of them. We take pride in providing comfort for our fellow Kentuckians and their outdoors. Every family we can protect we can make a larger impact on fighting the bite not only in our neighborhood, but on our planet.

When we treat with our 100% satisfaction guarantee barrier, we aim to take a chunk out of the entire Central Kentucky mosquito and tick population as a whole.

If we don’t start today with fighting the non-stop breeding of annoying mosquitoes, they will be even worse for our future generations. BUT, if we can stop the infestation of the deadliest animal on planet, maybe we can move towards a day where they’re no longer a threat.

Join us by calling or waving down one of our trained technicians today.

Mosquito and Tick Populations on the Rise

In 2016, there were reports of a significant increase in the mosquito population in Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia and Alabama.

In 2017, there was a longer mosquito season across the United States because of the warm winter and early spring. As a result of that longer season in Central Kentucky, we saw a significant increase in customers seeking mosquito protection. The mosquito population increase in Kentucky reclassified us with states to our south like North Carolina and Tennessee that have longer mosquito seasons.

Before the 2018 season, both the Indianapolis Star and the Chicago Tribune have published news articles citing scientists that predict that each of their cities is projecting to be a major growth area for mosquitoes and ticks in the coming decade.

As major cities to our North are preparing for what climate experts agree is coming their way, now is the time to contact Mosquito Squad of Lexington to protect your squad for the 2018 mosquito season where climate conditions have already arrived.

We want you to enjoy this beautiful season of outdoor living in Central Kentucky!

When Do Mosquitoes Emerge?

Mosquitoes believe it or not can lay dormant over the winter so that when temperatures rise above fifty-five degrees fahrenheit, they can emerge and immediately find a mate to start breeding with. This all happens so fast that once they come out of dormancy, female mosquitoes will lay up to three hundred eggs per week.

Females can live up to sixty days meaning they can leave behind nine generations of mosquitoes before they run their natural course. Males only live up to twelve days, primarily just to reproduce with a female.

As long as temperatures remain above fifty five degrees, mosquitoes will continue to reproduce at this rapid rate. All they need is a bottle caps worth of water to lay three hundred eggs. This is why it is so crucial to avoid standing water on your property if you wish to fight the bite with preventative practices.

Removing standing/stagnate water is the first step but checking for any containers or bad drainage that will cause puddles after rain need to be addressed as well. Even a rain drain or your gutters can hold just enough moisture for a mosquito to lay their egg raft.

It is extremely important to understand when and where they breed. With our exclusive barrier protection, we aim not only to eliminate any current infestation but also leave behind a protective residual to deter mosquitoes from wanting to use your property for breeding. Our trained technicians strategically treat foliage and vegetation on your property where mosquitoes favor to harbor.

Give us a call today to see what solutions we can provide for your outdoors protection 859-403-0004.

The Day I Found a Pregnant Tick on My Dog

Our senior technician has unique experience with ticks and their reproduction practices….

Here is Adam’s story:

In the early summer of last year I was finishing up a run with Bella, my Catahoula/Great Pyrenees. As I went to refill my dog’s water bowl, I noticed she was relentlessly scratching a specific spot on her back end.

I’m sure you can guess where this is going. I curiously investigated through her fur, checking for any ticks or fleas that could be irritating her. I found nothing.

The next day I was sitting on the back porch while Bella was licking around the same spot targeted the previous day. Again, I went and sifted through only this time to find a sore spot and some redness. It looked as if my dog had chewed at her own skin, or been bitten by something.

I could not find a single tick, chigger, flea, spider, mite, or any kind of pest for that matter!

I quickly searched the internet for possible answers. While thumbing through articles online, my dog lazily walked towards her usual resting spot in the living room only this time she did not plop down onto the carpet like her typical routine.

She sniffed at a certain spot on the carpet. I squinted and focused in from across the room to the spot that had captured her attention and there it was…


Intensive Tick Control

A pregnant tick. Accompanied by what appeared to be coffee grounds, the couple thousand tick eggs that had already been laid.

I quickly grabbed a tissue and retrieved the in-labor pregnant tick. Once to the nearest bathroom I’m holding the mother tick over the toilet. Naturally I squeeze it a bit and hundreds of more tick eggs burst out into the water! I flush it immediately and grab the vacuum to finish the job.

The vet said that Bella wouldn’t show symptoms of any infection like Lyme Disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever for weeks, maybe even months. If by chance there was any disease transmitted, Bella would most likely start to have problems walking because of joint swelling.

After being carefully checked for over nine months Bella is clear of any joint swelling, sleeping safe and sound.

This adventurous tick traveled all the way from the wooded park to our living room using Bella as her mode of transportation. I now make it a habit to triple check my pets as we settle back in from our outdoor activities. Please try and do the same, for the sake of our furry friends.

Click here to learn more about our Pet Protection Package

Graduation season in Central Kentucky

Graduation season is upon us and we are excited to hear from all our customers that are hosting outdoor celebrations without worrying about their guests being hassled by mosquitoes.

The end of the school year marks the beginning of summer and an increase in outdoor activities at the home. Tell us about your challenging mosquito problem that you want eliminated before summer. Give us a call ( 859-403-0004 ) or simply initiate a squad alert online and we will call you back to hear more and to recommend a solution.

Squad Definition

noun: squad; plural noun: squads

  • a small group of people having a particular task.
    • synonyms: team, crew, gang, band, cell, body
  • a small number of soldiers assembled for drill or assigned to some special task, especially an infantry unit forming part of a platoon.
    • synonyms: detachment, detail, unit, platoon, battery, troop, patrol, squadron, cadre, commando, tiger team
    • “an elite reconnaissance squad”
  • a group of sports players or competitors from which a team is chosen.
    • “eleven first-string players on the Nebraska squad”

There is no “I” in squad, there is no “me” in squad, but “U” are in the center of squad, Thank “U” for joining us this season

Protect your squad before Derby Day

While your squad is enjoying the great outdoors of Central Kentucky in April, don’t forget to have Mosquito Squad protect your back yard for your outdoor spring event. By starting your Full Season of Mosquito Protection during the Keeneland Spring Races you can ensure the most enjoyable time with your family and friends ( your squad ) for the Kentucky Derby and your Derby Day party.

Our Squad has got your backyard protected

The Squad is rolling into neighborhoods across Central Kentucky every 21 days to eliminate backyard pests. When you see the truck with the most recognized brand in the industry, just give us a call to let us know you want to join your neighbors who have already hired the Squad to fight the bite.

Call the Squad ( 859-403-0004 )

If our customer support team gets the call before the Squad leaves the neighborhood, then we can get you started that day on a full season of enjoying your outdoor living spaces.

Full Season of Mosquito Protection Starts in April

We provided our first treatment on March 1, 2017. This was a big day for us. With all the warm weather in February, we have been excited to talk to all of our existing customers and to hear from new customers that will be joining the squad in 2017.

If you have already received your quote, then you know that our premium 21 day barrier treatment starts sooner than last year and will have more applications than last year.

If you haven’t yet scheduled your 2017 season, give us a call at 859-403-0004 in March to get your April treatment in the books. Remember, mosquito population reduction is much easier when you join the squad and stay ahead of the swarm.

Vision and core values

Our vision is to reduce the population of mosquitoes in Central Kentucky so that our customers can enjoy their outdoor living spaces for a full season. Our customers will understand that this is achievable through two components: Prevention and Professional Treatment.

Our core values are passion, service, education and giving. We approach every day with a passion to do our best in every capacity possible so our clients can enjoy their yards and outdoor spaces. We strive to provide extraordinary service in every aspect of our client relationships, from the first time we answer your phone call to continually treating your property with the utmost respect. We educate consumers worldwide with strong messages on how to avoid mosquito bites in memorable ways.

Investing in our future at the District Science Fair

I invested this morning in the future by judging science fair projects for the 33rd annual District Science Fair. It was encouraging to see the young scientists and inventors of Central Kentucky evaluating solutions to problems that they are already aware of at such a young age.

The premium barrier that we at Mosquito Squad of Lexington provide is effective for keeping these young scientists comfortable as they explore the laboratories of their backyards.

If we give these young scientists many years to study the effects of surface tension of standing water on the life cycle of the mosquito, we may look back on that aspiring young student that entered her first science fair as fourth grader as a difference maker in a global battle.

What the mosquito does in the winter

Mosquitoes, like bears, have a way to make it through the winter. They don’t sleep or hibernate, that’s not good enough for a cold blooded mosquito.

The female mosquito goes into a state called diapause. They have a structure called the fat body, which is much like the human liver. Females that go into diapause may accumulate ten times the fat of a nondiapausing mosquito. The energy from this fat body is a critical factor to help the female reach a frozen state and stay in that state until it is safe to thaw in the spring.

  • A diapausing mosquito survives any long cold winter, no such luck for the male mosquito
  • A diapausing mosquito survives the ice age, no such luck for the bear

Researchers are looking for a method to reduce the population of mosquitoes by preventing diapause or to exit diapause prematurely, but for now, your best shot at reducing the population of mosquitoes in Central Kentucky is to alert the squad so that we can set up a full season of our premium protective barrier treatment for you.

The Year of the Mosquito

I just read in the news today that the Mayor of Miami declared 2016 as the “Year of the Mosquito”. Certainly, Miami had a lot going on last year, but being the first city to have broken the cycle of Zika was a highlight for Miami’s leader.

While Adam and I completed our Mosquito Squad training in December of 2016, we were both excited about how our peers were starting franchises all over the globe. The corporate team was thrilled to add Puerto Rico and its unique challenges and the wonderful family that would own and operate the franchise there. It is good to know that local success is generating global expansion into areas of great need.

We trained with new franchisees in Miami and other areas of Florida, so we had the opportunity to have conversations with people that were dealing with the imminent threat of Zika to the health of their community and indirectly to their economic life blood of tourism. Many communities from the state of Texas were expanding rapidly as well, trying to stay ahead of the curve.

As we try to grow the Mosquito Squad of Lexington over the course of the next few years, we hope to be able to look back on 2016 as the year we decided to take on the mosquito. Our simple vision is to provide many mosquito free seasons for our customers and in so doing, we will also be reducing the population of mosquitoes for all of Central Kentucky. We want to establish a culture that can defeat the mosquito together with our customers.

If we execute that vision, then hopefully, Central Kentucky will never experience the “Year of the Mosquito”.

We Bought a Squad

In the last year, as a father, when my children have asked me to do something with them, I have jumped at the chance.

When my youngest daughter asked me to hike a 60 mile trail in 75 hours, I couldn’t wait to do that with her.

When our oldest daughter stopped by on a Sunday afternoon and informed us that she had everything packed for us and we had just a few minutes to get into her SUV to set up camp at the top of Indian Staircase before dark, Jackie and I climbed into the back seat and enjoyed the next 24 hours of adventure with her.

When our entrepreneurial son came to us with the opportunity to purchase a Mosquito Squad franchise that serves the Central Kentucky area, we had to step back and collect our thoughts, but we pursued it with all the same passions as an outdoor adventure in order to make a smooth transition for our customers between mosquito free seasons.

So, here we are, a few months later, as excited owners of a family business. It is a local family business that allows us to have a global impact. Every one of our customers and employees is engaged in the same battle to eliminate pestilence and disease.

Our goal is to grow this business such that it allows many families to enjoy recreation in their own backyards while it also provides jobs for some of the hardest working employees in Lexington.  Our childhoods in a farming community allowed us to work with our hands to pay for college, we want to offer that opportunity to the next generation.

We know that it will take a few years of losses to reach a sustainable level for the business, but just like that family that bought the zoo, we believe that our customers will recognize our results, passion and service as the Mosquito Squad of Lexington

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