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Intensive Mosquito Control Program – Deluxe

Although very similar to our premium barrier spray treatment, this mosquito and tick control is the most intensive program we offer for infested outdoor living spaces. Instead of reapplying every 21 days, our trained technicians will arrive every 14 days to spray your property with our protective barrier treatment. By treating more frequently we can increase the effectiveness of the protective barrier, but also eliminate and knockdown existing mosquitoes and ticks more often, reducing the population even more.

Our trained technicians will still start on the perimeter, treating all available foliage, then work their way in towards your outdoor living space to apply an additional barrier to your property. This residual will prevent mosquitoes and ticks from harboring in your foliage to rest and breed for 2-3 weeks.

We recommend our deluxe treatment program for properties with ponds, wooded areas, or heavy mosquito and tick populations. These are all characteristics that lead to more breeding and infestation so we advise also on an extended season, starting in the middle of April and lasting through October. Talk with one of our professional representatives today about whether you need more extensive treatment for your specific situation.

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